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Here at Baughman Property Management, we have over two decades of experience with keeping apartments occupied with happy tenants. Interested in seeing the same benefits for your own property? We can handle all of the details, leaving you free to enjoy your life.

We would take care of:

  • Advertising for tenants, both here on this web site and on the relevant realty platforms
  • Screening tenants, ensuring that the most suitable persons are leasing your property
  • Handling disputes - we have extensive knowledge of the relevant laws and a professional detachment that ensures that both your interests and the tenant's rights are upheld
  • Facilitating receivables and payments
  • Managing all those myriad unexciting details that go into making a property into an investment.

Baughman Properties is here to help you! We are a family business priding ourselves in providing clean, comfortable, well-maintained residencies to satisfied tenants. When your property is managed by our team, you can be confident that tenants will be delighted with the presentation of their new homes, and comfortable with their contact person and maintence team.

We make you look good.