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For Prospective Applicants

How do I apply for an apartment?
You can apply for an apartment through the Baughman Property Management website or from the link that was emailed to you the day of your tour.
What are the qualifying criteria?
They can be found in our Rental & Occupancy Criteria Guidelines, also found at the beginning of the application.
What is required if my income is coming in the form of grants or school loans?
If you are 21 years of age, you will not need a co-signor but you will need to provide a letter outlining the funds you will be receiving.
If I require a co-signor is there an additional application fee?
There is no additional application fee for a co-signor.
If I do not qualify will my application fee be refunded?
The application fee will not be refunded. If you placed down a deposit and you do not qualify your deposit will be returned to you.
How long does it take to for an application to be processed?
Generally it will take up to 3 days for an application to be processed.
If I pay a deposit and change my mind, will it be returned to me?
Your deposit will not be returned if the apartment has been secured for more than 3 days.
Do you accept pets?
Yes, two pets are allowed in an apartment.
There is a non-fundable pet fee and a pet rent required per pet. There are no fees for a service animal. A pet addendum will be signed on your move-in day.
Do you have furnished units?
Our apartments are not furnished.
Our staff can make suggestions concerning furniture rentals.
What will you do to prepare my apartment before I move in?
Before you arrive, Home Properties’ team of professionals will be very busy preparing your new home. Our professional staff will:

  • Paint the walls for a fresh, clean look.
  • Clean all the floors and shampoo the carpets.
  • Completely sanitize your kitchen and your bathrooms.
  • Clean your kitchen appliances – inside and out – and inspect them to ensure everything is in top working order.
  • Clean and test your heating and air conditioning systems to ensure everything is operating efficiently.
  • Clean and test your energy-efficient light fixtures to ensure safe usage.
  • Clean and test all windows and window treatments to ensure that they are easy to open and close.

For Current Residents

How do I pay my rent?
Rent is paid online through your tenant portal.
How do a report a maintenance request?
Maintenance requests can be made through your tenant portal. If there is an after hours maintenance emergency, you will have access to an emergency on-call phone number.
Can I receive a rent discount if I pay rent in advance?
A rent discount will not be given for paying advanced rent.
What is required if I break my lease?
If you break your lease, your deposit will not be returned. You will be responsible for the full amount of your rent unit the apartment is re-leased. Management will make every effort to lease the apartment.
Do you allow subletting?
If you would like to sublet your apartment you will need to have the applicant approved through the same process that was required for your original application.
Are there fees to transfer to another property?
If you have lived at your current address for one year, there are no fees to transfer to another property.